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We are a Year 1 class

Our class teacher is Miss O'Kane


Follow the instructions to log onto Bug Club to read lots of fantastic books

As a class we have written this list of class rules:


  • Always be kind to other children. 
  • Always tell the truth. 
  • Try our best with all of our work.
  • Tidy away our own things.
  • Sit sensibly on the carpet. 
  • Put our hand up to ask or answer a question. 
  • Line up quietly and sensibly. 
  • Behave sensibly in the toilets.




This week we have been learning about what life was like for children living in the Victorian days. We have found out that all of the poorer children had to go to work, often working long hours in dangerous jobs such as chimney sweeping and factory work. 


Victorian schools were very different to how ours are today. The teachers were extremely strict and children had be be exceptionally well behaved or else they would be punished. They had to sit with their hands behind their back in class and were not allowed to talk. 


We had an actress come into school today to pretent to be a strict Victorian school teacher. The classroom was set out differently and we all wore old fashioned uniforms. We wrote using slate boards and slate pencils and we had different names for the afternoon. It was lots of fun to pretent we were in Victorian times but we are very glad that school is different today! 

Glass blowing

Year 1 trip to St Anne's World of Glass

We had a brilliant time visiting St. Anne's World of Glass. We made our own kaleidoscope out of shiny card and got to bring it home with us. We also looked round Victorian houses and saw how life was very different a long time ago. We admired some lovely pieces of glass including a giant chandelier which was hanging down from the ceiling. The most exciting part was when Nikki, a glass blower, showed us how she makes a bowl using molten glass from a  furnace. We even got to bring the bowl back to school!


After lunch we went on a treasure hunt and had a walk around the glass maze. Finally we went into the 3D film show to learn about how glass making has changed over the years and how different our lives would be without glass.  

Investigating capacity in maths

Visit from The Pop Project

Investigating the roots of plants in Science

We had a lovely end to the term with a visit from The Easter Bunny! He hid clues around the playground which we had to follow to find the bag of chocolate eggs at the end. 


We return to school on Monday 9th April. Our topic will be musicals for one week and then dinosaurs for 4 weeks. You could take a trip to the World Museum over the holidays to learn about dinosaurs before our topic. 


If you havent already, please remember to bring an empty plastic bottle into school.


I hope you all have a lovely time off school with your friends and family.

Miss O'Kane 

Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny

Science investigation - making 'plastic' out of milk

Designing and making our own bags

Investigating which type of bag is the strongest

Writing instructions for making a jam sandwich


Blackbirds breakfast assembly is on Friday 9th March at 9am. Please help your child to practise their lines. 

We had so much fun at the gymnastics competition. We did lots of activities including balancing on the benches and learning a floor routine. Take a look at our pictures below. 

Gymnastics morning

Wilfred's Mum came in to tell us all about life in New Zealand



w.b. 5.2.18 is wider world week in school. Blackbirds class have chosen to learn about New Zealand. We have been practising the traditional Haka dance to perform to other children in the school. 


Thursday 8th February is the next year 1 homework awards at 2.40pm. The children will be performing a song, dance and poem as well as receiving awards for brilliant homework. Come along to join in the celebration! 

This week in our maths lessons we have been learning about 3D shapes. We investigated how we could sort them into different groups and learnt new words like faces and sides to describe them. 

3D Shapes

3D Shapes 1
We had a VERY exciting day today! We had a visit from Santa in the Christmas Grotto, along with 2 of his elves and reindeer. Santa asked us all what we wanted for Christmas and he gave us some toys to keep in class. We got some new Lego and Mobilo. The reindeer were so funny because they were trying to eat everything and we learnt some cool facts about them. 

Santa's Grotto and reindeer visit

On Monday we did lots of activities around the theme of 'food'. We made fresh fruit jelly pots and wrote instructions describing how we made them. We also read The Tiger Who Came To Tea and made some paper pizzas with our favourite ingredients for our tea party. 

Making fresh fruit jelly on Food Day

The Christmas fair will be on Friday 1st December from 5.30pm . Come along for lots of Christmas crafts, food and fun! 

Remember to keep practising your Christmas show lines using brilliant expression.

Remember to keep practising your Christmas show lines using brilliant expression.  1
Well known, local artist Ian Fennelly recently came into school to work with the Year 2 children and to help the teachers learn some new watercolour skills. The children had to read clues to guess which member of staff created each painting. We will be using these skills in class throughout the school year. 

Looking at Ian Fennelly style artwork

Investigating the transparency of different materials

We had so much fun doing our sponsored obstacle course this week! Thank you so much for helping us to raise money for Woodlands Hospice. Could all sponsorship money please be returned to school by Monday 16th October. 


We will be visiting Sudley House to do some bulb planting on Thursday 19th October. Please ensure your child has a warm waterproof coat and a pair of shoes that you don't mind getting muddy! (Wellies or old trainers are great)


On Thursday it is also our homework awards where we are inviting parents and carers into class at 3pm. Could all homework please be returned to school on Monday 16th please. 





Hello Blackbirds,


We have had a very busy week writing stories, adding numbers together and learning about aeroplanes and seaside holidays from the past. We also went on an Autumn nature walk around the school playground to see how the leaves have changed throughout this season. To finish, we had a visit from a lady who works in the Natural History Museum who brought in lots of animals for us to learn about. We even got to stroke a snake, frog, leopard kitten and look at an Australian stick insect and a hawk. 


Take a look at our photographs. 


Library day is Monday so remember to return your book in order to get a new one. 

Natural History Animal Visit

Autumn Leaf Hunt

Homework will be sent home each Friday on the back of the newsletter. Please encourage your child to complete this as independently as possible. We ask that you mark it and leave a positive comment and then file into the green homework folder. This should be returned to school on Monday 16th October for me to have a look at. Parents and carers are then invited into class on Thursday 16th October at 8.50am for the homework awards to be given out. 

Making fruit kebabs

Fruit faces inspired by Arcimboldo

We made our own rain gauge to measure rainfall over a week.

Hello Blackbirds,


We have had a brilliant first week in Year 1. We have been learning all about our class bird, the blackbird and made some fantastic bird collages. Next week we will be learning about the famous artist Arcimboldo. He painted pictures using shapes of fruits and vegetables. We will also be learning about how to stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables and making our own fruit kebabs. 


Remember to bring your reading books and water bottles into school every day.


Please make sure that everybody has a P.E kit in school. 


Have a super weekend,

Miss O'Kane