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We are a Year 1 class

Our class teacher is Miss O'Kane


Follow the instructions to log onto Bug Club to read lots of fantastic books

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who helped at our sports fun day. Everybody had a super time and tried lots of new sports and activities. 


Our Class Review is on Wednesday 12th July at 9am in the Green room. Please help your child to practise their lines. 


Remember to send a full water bottle  (not a screw top) to school each day with your child. 


Miss O'Kane 



Making a Greek salad during healthy eating week

We have had a lovely first week back at school after the holidays. Due to the nice weather we did P.E. outside practising our ball control skills with hockey sticks and tennis rackets.  We have also been learning about Louis Pasteur who discovered vaccinations and that we can pasteurise milk to make it safer to drink and to make it last for longer. We were talking about why milk is good for us and the different foods that contain milk. We made our own delicious milkshakes today, take a look at the photographs below.


We also had a visit from the mobile farm. We saw lots of animals like a cow, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, ducks and a turkey. We got to stroke all of the animals and learn some interesting facts about them. 


On Monday it is our trip to the World Museum. We are going in normal school uniform and you do not need to bring a packed lunch unless you selected that you would like to on the letter. 


It is also healthy eating week and we will be making a Greek salad in class and learning about different healthy foods. 


Wednesday is 'Scoot to school day'. You can bring your bike or scooter to school and will get a session on them in the playground. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss O'Kane 

This week we have been learning about the Victorians. An actress came in to show us what school was like for children in Victorian times. We had our desks in rows and we got to wear old fashioned school uniform and got given a different name. Miss Banks was quite strict and we had to make sure that we were on our best behaviour. We did some spellings and times tables on a slate board because they didn't have pencils and paper in the Victorian times. 


After half term we will be learning about the scientist Louis Pasteur. He discovered how to pasteurize milk so that it is safe for us to drink. We will be making our own milkshakes. 


Remember to bring your P.E. kit back into school and to practise your phonics real and alien words. 


Have a lovely holiday


Miss O'Kane 

Victorian schoolroom experience

This week we have been measuring weight and capacity in maths. We carried out an investigation to measure the capacity of different sized containers. You could try this at home using a cup to find out how much water different containers can hold. 


We also planted radishes in our planting beds in the playground. Hopefully we should have some delicious radishes to try. 


On Monday parents/carers are invited into Blackbirds class to view their child's portrait of the Queen at 3.10pm. Please come in the year 1 door and pick your child up from the classroom. 



Investigating capacity

This week we have started our 4 week topic of Dinosaurs. We have been learning about how they lived a very very long time ago and what the planet might have looked like back then. Next week we will be learning about the different types of dinosaurs and labelling their body parts. 


In science we have started our next topic about Plants. On Wednesday we went on an investigation walk around the playground to see which different types of plants we could find. We found various trees, weeds, grass, shrubs, herbs and flowers. Take a look at some of the photographs. 


We also had a music group called POP PROJECT come into school to teach us some songs that linked to some of our favourite books like Paddington and The Jungle Book. We sang and danced along to their keyboard and electric guitars. We even sang one of our favourite songs, Yellow Sub!


Next week there is an informative talk for parents of Year 1 children regarding the phonics screening check. The talk will take place on Thursday 4th May at 9am in the school hall. 


The trial voluntary one-way driving system around school will also begin on Tues 2nd May and will run until Friday 26th May. Times:  8.15am-9.15am 2.30pm-3.30pm


Hello Blackbirds,


Can you believe we have finished another term in Year 1? This week, as well as an Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny, we have been learning about musicals. When we get back after the holidays we will be learning all about dinosaurs so perhaps you could do some of your own dinosaur research over Easter. 


A pair of boy's school shoes with aeroplanes on the side have gone missing from one of the Blackbirds. Could all parents please check their child's P.E. and sports bags and return to school if found - Thank you.


New books have been allocated for each child on Bug Club. Follow the instructions on the sheet sent home to login. Make sure you click on the 'My Stuff' icon to find your books. 


Have a lovely Easter half term everybody!


Miss O'Kane

We have been learning about the different animals that live in the rainforests. The children performed a dance using the creative animal movements to the song  'Bear Necessities' from The Jungle Book.  

Rainforest animal dance - The Jungle Book

Rainforest animal dance - The Jungle Book 1
We had a fantastic morning with The Easter Bunny searching for Easter eggs around the playground. We had to follow different clues that lead us to various areas of the playground and that finally lead us to a delicious basket of chocolate eggs!

Today was our second FLIGHT DAY. We had family members in school to help us make our own kites that we then flew outside in the playground. We also designed our own kite pattern and wrote a story about the journey our kite might go on if we let go of it. We really enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and had a flying race to see which plane could fly the furthest. 


Next week we are looking forward to an Easter Egg hunt on Tuesday. 


We finish for the Easter break at 1.30pm on Friday 7th April. 

Hello Blackbirds,


I hope you enjoyed our Red Nose Day! We had a fantastic day wearing our red noses, telling jokes to the class and designing our own silly red noses. We also talked about why it is important to do things like this to raise money to help other people. Have a look at some of Blackbirds class telling their hilarious jokes on the stage. 


Next Friday 31st March it is our second 'non-curriculum day' where we don't do any of the regular subjects like English, Maths or Science. Instead, we spend the whole day doing creative activities on the topic of FLIGHT. We would like to invite your family members into class from 9am-10am to help us make and then fly our own kites.


Miss O'Kane 

Red Nose Day - Joke Telling

We had a fantastic time this week visiting the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Museum in Bootle. We learnt so much about how the fire service has changed throughout history. We got to hear an air siren, try on old fashioned Fire Fighters' helmets and even sit in a modern fire engine! Take a look at some of the pictures from our super day out. 


We also had scooter training this week, where we practised travelling safely on a scooter. Take care on your way to school if you are coming on a scooter or bike and remember to always stay on the footpath. 

Hello Blackbirds,


We have had a fantastic book filled week. Well done for the super effort that was put into your World Book Day costumes. Everyone looked fantastic in their Roald Dahl character costumes and we had lots of fun reading James and the Giant Peach! 


Next week on Thursday 9th March we have got the author Nick Hennessy coming in to read some stories to the children. We will also be doing some of our own storytelling in class, focusing on using expression. 


Remember to log onto Bug Club to read some of the new books added to your account. 

Picture 1

Hello Blackbirds, 


We have had a fantastic final week of term learning about Australia,  a visit from a parent to read us a story in German and a visit to the book bus. 


I have given everybody a new bug club  login - Your username and password are on a sticker on the front of your Reading Record book. Login to read a brilliant range of new books added onto everyone's account.


Also log on to Purple Mash to play loads of different English, Maths, Reading and Topic games. There is a pancake making activity that is perfect for Shrove Tuesday.


Each child has got 2 reading books to keep them going for over half term. 


Enjoy your holiday and I will see you back in school on Monday 27th February.


Miss O'Kane 

This week has been MULTI-CULTURAL WEEK and we have been learning all about Germany in Blackbirds. We did some German dancing and sang some German songs. We also learned about what it is like to live in Germany and learnt some of their language. 


We have had some wonderful parents come in to read us stories in a different language this week. So far we have had stories read to us in Spanish, Welsh and Dutch and next week we will have a German story. 


An ex pupil of Sudley Infants, who is currently training to be a Catholic priest in Spain, came in to tell us about what he has been learning and about life in Spain. 


We really enjoyed our Spanish lunch and Spanish assembly on Friday and i'm sure you'll agree that our performing was excellent! Well done Blackbirds!

Stories in different languages

We have been very busy this week practising our lines, songs and dance for our Spanish assembly which is on Friday 10th February. Come along beforehand at 12.30pm to enjoy a yummy Spanish lunch with your child. Tickets can be purchased in the school office or you can return the letter that was sent home with your child, along with the correct money.


Another date for your diary - Friday 3rd February- come and join us in the hall for a 'Wake up and shake up' at 8.50am. Please come into school through the school office.


Your winter challenge this week is to practise fastening your coats up all by yourselves. It is very cold outside and we need to wrap up warm so remember a hat, scarf and gloves. 

Hello Blackbirds,


We have had a fantastic week learning about our bodies. We have been learning about ways that we can stay healthy and why it is so important that we wash our hands regularly. 


In science we made our own rain gauge out of a plastic bottle and buried the bottom of it out in our school garden so that it will stay put and not fall over in the wind. Next week, we'll go back out to collect it and measure how much rain has fallen in 1 week. 


There is an e-safety talk for parents on Tuesday morning (24th Jan) at 9am in the school hall. Come along to find out ways to keep your children safe online. 


Remember to return your phonics books to school on a Friday so that they can be changed and given out again on Monday. Remember you don't need to write a comment on the pink record card that comes with these books. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss O'Kane

Making a rain gauge to measure the rain fall in one week

We had so much fun in the Year 1 gymnastics morning this week. We watched lots of videos of gymnastics from the olympics and used construction material to make models of own gymnastics equipment. We collaged pictures of gymnasts in action and designed our own gymnastics medals. Everybody had a go at trying out some different jumps off a bench, balancing in various ways and we even did our own complicated floor routine. We had a medal assembly and everybody got a certificate! 

This week we are learning about the Gruffalo. We have been thinking about the 5 senses and what the mouse would see, smell, hear, taste and feel on his journey through the woods. You could try acting out the Gruffalo story with your family at home, trying lots of funny voices for the characters. 


Remember that football, gymnastic and dance clubs begin next week (beginning 16th Jan). Please arrive promptly at 8am for any clubs that run before school.


There is an ICE CATS talk for parents/carers on Friday 20th Jan at, following on from the sessions that the children have received. Please return the slip to school if you will be attending. 


Remember to log onto purple mash (login on front of reading record book) and have a go at the magic 12 game on 2 calculate this week. 

Santa's elves and reindeer and Santa's grotto

It was lovely to have some special visitors joining us in class on Friday morning for 'anyone but the parents'. We had grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, family friends and neighbours helping us to decorate our classrooms with paper chains and join in with some different construction and craft activities. 


Next week we have got Santa and his reindeer coming to visit us on Tuesday morning, followed by a visit to Santa's grotto. On Friday we have got a performance company coming to school to perform 'The Wizard of Oz'. This will be followed by the Christmas fair on Friday evening! 


Remember to keep practising your line for our Christmas show and to bring in any remaining costumes that have been asked for. 

Anyone but the parents morning

Hello Blackbirds,


Today we spent the whole day learning about FLIGHT! We designed and labelled our own space rockets before constructing them out of lots of old packaging. We made some fabulous rockets of all shapes, colours and sizes. We also sang a space song and watched a video bout what it is like to live in space. 


Next Wednesday it is film night for the children from 5pm-6.30pm. Bring along some tasty snacks to enjoy with the film. 


Remember next Friday is Anyone but the parents morning' so bring along your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or a family friend. 

Junk modelling - making space rockets

We had a fabulous time today on our trip to I.M Marsh! We got to have a go at rock climbing, played dodgeball and learned how to play a new game with a giant ball. Take a look at some of the pictures of us having lots of fun.


We have started to rehearse for our Christmas show so keep practising your lines in a loud, slow voice at home please so that we can all be fantastic performers! 

This week we went on a trip to Sudley House to plant some crocus bulbs. We are going to go back in the Spring time to see if they have grown. We also did an Autumn nature trail around the wooded area where we looked at different coloured leaves, seeds, berries and minibeasts. 


Next Friday we are going to I.M Marsh in the afternoon to do some different sports activities. Please bring sports kit and an extra water bottle. 


Remember to practice your spellings and to log onto abacus to see the extra maths activities that you can complete online. 

Bulb planting at Sudley House

Wow Blackbirds, I cannot believe that you have finished your first half term in Year 1 already!


We have finished our airport topic and have started learning about space. We are going to learn about the planets in our solar system, the history of space travel and what life is like in space for astronauts. If you have anything space related that you would like to share with the class from home, please bring this in only on a Friday. 


Today we had a visit from a lady from the natural history museum. She brought in lots of amazing animals for us to see. We got to learn about, see and stroke a snake, lizard, chincilla and owl. We learnt some cool facts like the fact that snakes can't close their eyes and that not all birds have got wings!


Remember to log onto bug club using your login details on the front of your reading record books.


After half term we will be having a student teacher called Mr O'Connor in our class to help out with some of the teaching. 


Have a fantastic Halloween filled half term Blackbirds! 

Visit from the natural history lady

Our charity display - Sal's Shoes

Our charity display - Sal's Shoes  1

Thank you so much to all of the Blackbirds and their families for helping us raise money for our class charity Sal's Shoes! We raised an amazing £392.50!


Don't forget the charities assembly is at 2pm this Friday. Come along to join in our songs, listen to a guest speaker and see us present our charity with the cheque!

Our sponsored dance - Uptown Funk

Hello Blackbirds,

We have had lots on in school this week; looking after the hens, learning about airports from Mr. Greer and doing some African drumming! Take a look at some of our pictures. 


In Science we have been learning about the season of Autumn and this week we did an experiment to measure the speed of the wind. We blew bubbles in our classroom and then compared how quickly they travelled outside and when blown with a hairdryer as if there was a big storm. 


Our chosen charity is Sal's Shoes, a charity which sends used shoes to children around the world who need them. The money we raise will go towards transporting these shoes. Take a look at their website for more information. 

We're doing our sponsored dance to Uptown Funk on Monday. Please could all money be returned to school my Monday 17th October in a sealed envelope along with the sponsor form. Thank you so much for all your support for this amazing cause!

African drumming

Our bubbles experiment to measure wind speed

Mr Greer's airport talk

Hello Blackbirds,


This week we have been learning all about what to do when we go to an airport. We made our own passports and pretended that we were going on holidays.


In maths we have been learning about shapes. We sorted them into Venn diagrams depending on their colour, number of sides or type of shape. We even made our own real life Venn diagram where we had to decide where about different children in the class should stand inside or outside the Venn diagram depending on their eye colour, whether they were a boy or a girl, or whether they liked different types of food. You could try this at home as well! We were also looking at symmetry and made some symmetrical butterflies. 


Next week it is our turn to look after the hens Bella and Meg so a group will be going out each day to give them food and water, collect any eggs and clean out their bed.


Remember to bring your Library books and DVDs back into school on Wednesday so that you can choose a new one. 


Miss O'Kane 

Hello Blackbirds, 


This week we have been continuing our topic of airports, we have learnt about the different parts of a plane and what makes them fly. We also looked at how hot air balloons are both similar and different to airplanes and designed our very own hot air balloons. In P.E we have been travelling using different parts of our body in gymnastics.


Please remember to bring your library book back into school on a Wednesday so that it can be changed for a new one. 


Can we also make sure that all items of clothing have got names in so that we can find anything that goes missing for you. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss O'Kane 

Hello Blackbirds,


Wow we have finished our very first week in year 1! We have been very busy doing lots of maths, writing, reading, P.E and learning about our class bird - the Blackbird. We had a man come into school to show us some Judo, it was so cool! Take a look at some of the pictures below.


This week the first homework was given out on Friday, so remember that it needs to be returned to school by Tuesday. Also remember to fill in your club letters and return them to school as soon as possible as they fill up fast. 


Miss O'Kane