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Curriculum Content & Approach



English   Each child needs to become a competent speaker, an active and sensitive listener, a writer who is able to respond accurately to differing purposes and audiences and a reader who can use books for pleasure, information and instruction.


Maths   The children should be numerate, able to use their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding with confidence in problem solving and investigative activities.


Science   Children are encouraged to observe, explore and investigate the world of science, so developing their understanding, knowledge and skills, so that they may increasingly apply these in further investigations.


Art   We aim to provide the children with a variety of opportunities to experiment with different media and techniques, in 2 and 3 dimensions, and to promote an awareness and enjoyment of art work from many cultures.


Design Technology   We aim to develop the children's design and technology skills so that they may investigate a need or respond to opportunities to make or modify by planning effective ways of working, organising appropriate resources and evaluating their designs.         


Geography   We aim to develop an awareness and appreciation of scenic features and the nature of the built environment with reference to our society and the wider world.


History   To stimulate a lively interest in the past and to promote an understanding of the various processes by which the past is studied.


Computing   The children should be able to use the computer as a friendly aid to access information, use CD Roms and to word process their literacy work. They are taught basic coding and debugging and how to stay safe when using the internet.


Multi-cultural   To generate an awareness of our multi-cultural society, to develop links between the community and the school, encouraging greater trust and understanding.


Music   We aim to involve children in enjoyable musical activities in which they may participate as performers, listeners and composers, using a variety of styles to develop musical concepts.


PSHE   We aim to help children examine their own and other people’s attitudes and values and to be able to make informed decisions.  We allow children to develop respect for themselves and others by discussing self-esteem and positive images.  We provide opportunities for children to explore feelings and attitudes such as love, anger, trust, respect and sadness.  Children discuss various aspects of hygiene and healthy eating which helps them acquire the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to choose healthy lifestyles.    


RE   We aim to develop each child's self-awareness, relationships with and respect for others, whilst fostering an appreciation of the ways in which significant experiences of life are expressed through celebration, ritual and symbol, so building upon the child's ideas about Christianity and other world religions.


Assessment   We are committed to the process of discovery - finding out what a child knows, understands and can do.  We strive to find out what knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes she/he has acquired.  Assessment at our school is ongoing, planned and continuous.  This forms the basis for the learning plan for your child.


Foundation Stage - Reception   During the Foundation Stage the Reception curriculum is   organised into seven areas: 


   The prime areas of learning are:   


     communication and language 


• physical development

• personal, social and emotional development

The specific areas of learning are:

• literacy

• mathematics

• understanding the world

• expressive arts and design

  These areas of learning are developed throughout the year within a variety of study units eg Favourite Things, Growing & Changing and Animals.  The school day has a balance of teacher directed and pupil initiated activities, most of which are based around practical activities and play.  Early in the school year the children are given the opportunity to enjoy a variety of books and begin to read.  When appropriate they will begin to record simple writing and maths work.  Our new Reception outdoor play area is enjoyed by the children as they further develop their skills.  All tasks within the subjects are directed by the classteacher and are taught through carefully planned, well organised and interesting study units which the children find stimulating and enjoyable. 


If you are not happy with any aspect of your child’s curriculum please contact the classteacher in the first instance.  The staff at Sudley Infant School are confident that the children will be happy and secure in their work at all times.