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Governing Board

Instrument of Government


The School’s governing body:


Headteacher: Ms R Thomas


Parent Governors:

Mr I Atkinson
Mr S Hodson

Miss A Morgan

Dr S Shaw (SEND)

Ms M Young

Staff Governors:
Mrs R Oasgood


LEA Governors:
Mr C Barton (Chair of Finance)


Co-Opted Governors:

Miss S Milan (Chair of Governors & SEND)

Mr S Kearney (Deputy Chair of Governors)

Mr D Bradshaw

Mrs J Randall
Mrs S Scoullar

Mrs L Wall (Safeguarding)

Mr M Evans (Safeguarding)

Associate Members:

Dr S Czanner

Cllr P Hurley


Clerk to Governors:
Mrs C Hodson
Mrs A Smith


How do I contact a school governor?

Governors can be contacted c/o the school office.  Please note, if you are contacting a governor to raise a complaint or for issues relating specifically to your child you should follow the procedures in the applicable policy. 

See complaints policy

See child protection/safeguarding policy

Letters for the full governing body of Sudley Infant School should be addressed to Miss S Milan c/o the school office. 


Annual Statement of Issues


Minutes of Governors' meetings are available on request from the school office.  Following the next full Governors' meeting to be held in March 2018, a summary of main issues will be posted on our website.  Any queries regarding this statement, please contact the school office.  All queries will be passed to the Chair of Governors.