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Pupil Premium 2016-17




The admission policy for our school is determined by Liverpool City Council and is as follows - 

If the school is not oversubscribed all children who apply will be admitted.  Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, where the school is named in the Statement, will be admitted.  Some schools receive more applicants for places than they have places available.  When this situation occurs it may not be possible to meet all requests for places.  If we receive more applications for places than the school has available, places will be allocated in the following priority order:


     Priority 1

  • Looked after children in the care of the local authority

  • Children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order)


    Priority 2

  • Children with exceptional medical/social needs

  • Applicants wishing to be considered under this criterion should submit documentary evidence with the preference form by the closing date. Senior Council Officers will review the evidence and if necessary take advice from educational professionals, the Local Authority’s medical officer, social workers etc. If your circumstances change after the closing date or you require further advice or assistance please contact Liverpool Direct Limited tel: 233 3006.


    Priority 3

  • Children who will have a sibling at this or Sudley Junior School when they are due to start the school


    Priority 4

  • All other applicants who have expressed a preference for the school.


    In priorities 1 to 4, if there are more applicants than there are places available, distance from the child’s permanent home address to the main entrance of the school will be used to determine which children are admitted.  In all cases where distance from home to school is used to determine admission, those children living nearest to the school will be given preference.  The distance will be measured by straight line distance between the child’s permanent home address and the school using the local authority’s computerised measuring system.  Parents will be required to provide proof of address eg council tax bill, utility bill, tenancy agreement or exchange of contracts if the property has recently been purchased.  If 2 or more children live the same distance from the school and there is only one place available, random allocation will be used to decide which child is admitted.


Once you have been notified of a place at the school you be asked to complete an admission form and produce your child’s birth certificate.  As the school has 3 classes in each year group, twins/triplets are put in separate classes.  We are not able to take requests for friends/cousins from playgroup/nursery etc to be in the same class. 



Independent Appeal Procedure

If your child is refused admission to your preferred school you have the right to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.  Details of the appeals procedure are available from Liverpool Direct Limited, tel: 233 3006 or appeal forms and full details can be downloaded from Liverpool City Council’s website.


Applications for Reception Primary Admissions in September 2017 should be made online at  Applications can be made from September 2016 and should be submitted before the end of December 2017.


Applications for In-Year transfers should be made to the school by telephoning 0151 727 1139 or emailing