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Miss Bruffell


Well done to all the children and parents who took part in our Sports Fun Morning! It was great to see all the teams working together and having lots of fun.  A big thank you to the parents who helped out. 


We have our class review on Tuesday 11th July, at 9.00am.  We hope to see you all there. We have been practising our songs and learning our lines in class.


Miss Bruffell





Bike/cycle to school and penalty shoot out

Welcome back Kingfshers!


 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  It has been great to hear about all the lovely things you have been doing.


Today we had a farm come to our school.  We saw all sorts of farm animals such as pigs, goats, a turkey, geese, rabbits and lots more.  We learnt lots of interesting thing about them.  


Next week we start our new topic about Pirates.  It is also healthy eating week.  We will be looking at healthy breakfasts, drinking water, keeping active and eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.  We have lots of lovely activities planned, includng making a watermelon and feta cheese salad.  On Wednesday we have our bike/scoot to school day.  The children will be able to bring their bike or scooter to school and then each class will have a session out on the playground.  


Don't forget it is our school trip on Monday to the World Museum.  We cant wait!


Miss Bruffell



Victorian School Room

Hello Kingfishers,


This term has gone so quickly.  We have been busy doing all sorts of exciting things.


I hope you enjoyed coming in earlier this week to look at the children's wonderful portraits of the queen. The children worked so hard on their art work and they were all very pleased with their work.


Yesterday the children enjoyed the Victorian School Room Experience. The children dressed up in victorian clothing, the boys wore flat caps and waistcoats and the girls wore mop caps and aprons. They were all given different names for the morning that were popular during these times.  They all thought it was very funny to be called a different name.  They even got the chance to use slate boards and slate pencils.  The teacher Miss Banks was very strict and demonstrated what teaching was like in those days.  We did some lovely writing in class about the session and talked about the difference between schools now and then.


We break up tomorrow, Friday 26th May at 3.15pm.  We have lots of things to look forward to after the holidays, including our trip to the World Museum, Healthy Eating Week, Sports' Fun Day and Class Review. 


I hope you all have a lovely holiday and will see you on Monday 12th May.


Miss Bruffell

Well done to all the children who have been trying hard to walk to school as many days as possible this week.  Thank you also to everyone for joining in our Wake Up and Shake up this morning, to celebrate the end of Walk To School Week.  The winning class will be announced on the school playground on Monday morning at 8.50am, they will awarded with our special Golden Shoe.


We have been learning about the Queen this week and her Sapphire Jubilee.  The children have been drawing portraits of the Queen in class and we will be inviting parents to come in and see the children's work on Monday 22nd May at 3.15pm.


We also have our May Fair on Friday 19th May.  We have been busy making things to sell. 


Keep up all the hard work Kingfishers!


Miss Bruffell

Hello again,


This week we have really enjoyed writing our own descriptions about some of the characters from Cinderella.  The children were able to think of lots of describing words for the characters.  Some of the children enjoyed dressing up as some of the characters and even acted out part of the story. 


Next week is our Walk to School Week.  The children have each been given a book mark to take home.  Children will need to bring their bookmark  to school for each day they walk next week and they will get a sticker.    Also on Friday, we have a Wake Up Shake Up at 8.50am on the school playground.  This will be for the whole school and parents/carers, it would be great to have everyone joining in and having fun together.


Miss Bruffell



Welcome back!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.  This week we have been learning about Weather.  Each day we have been checking the weather forecast and looking at some of the features.  Today we enjoyed a book, music and author show, called The Pop Project.  We had a wonderful time singing and dancing to the different songs and looking at the range of books.


Next week we will be starting our Dinosaur topic.  We will be learning about how dinosaurs lived a long time ago and also looking at the different types of dinosaurs.  

Next week there is a talk for parents about the phonics screening check on Thursday 4th May at 9am.  Please remember to return the reply slip if you would like to attend.


Please make sure your PE kits are all back in school.


Miss Bruffell



We have had an exciting last few days.  We had lots of fun on our Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday.  We were very good at reading the clues and managed to find the basket of eggs. We even visit from the Easter Bunny too.  We have also been learning about the Easter story in class and doing some writing about it.  


I hope you all have a lovely Spring Break and I look forward to seeing you all in the new term.  We will be learning about Weather in our first week back and learning about the different types of weather in each of the seasons.  Then we will be moving onto our Dinosaur topic.  Remember to go on bug club over the holidays and read some of your new books.


Have a wonderful holiday!


Miss Bruffell

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 1
Easter Egg Hunt 2
Easter Egg Hunt 3
Easter Egg Hunt 4
Easter Egg Hunt 5
Easter Egg Hunt 6
Easter Egg Hunt 7
Easter Egg Hunt 8
Easter Egg Hunt 9
Easter Egg Hunt 10
Easter Egg Hunt 11
Easter Egg Hunt 12
Easter Egg Hunt 13

Hello Kingfishers,


Today we have been learning all about flight.  We have had a lovely morning making our own kites.  Thank you to every one who came in to help.  We had lots of fun flying them on the playground.


Next week is our last week before our Spring Break. We are looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday.  Don't forget we finish on Friday 7th April at 1.30pm.   


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bruffell 

We had a great trip yesterday to the Fire and Rescue a Heritage Museum. We looked at the different fire engines from the past, learnt about staying safe in an emergency and also we got to go on on a real fire engine. The children really enjoyed it. You can see some photos from our trip below.


Today we enjoyed some scooter training. We learnt how to stop safely on our scooters and how to do different tricks. We also learnt about the importance of wearing a helmet when on a bike or a scooter.


We are continuing to learn about the rainforest over the next few weeks. Today we were learning about the four layers of the rainforest and looked at some of the animals.


Don't forget to return your library book on Wednesdays.


Miss Bruffell



Welcome back!


It has been lovely hearing about all the wonderful things you have all been up to in the holidays.  It has been an exciting first week back. It was World a Book Day today and we focused our day at Sudley on the work of Roald Dahl. The kingfishers focused on the story of Fantastic Mr Fox. We have had a great time reading the book, talking about the different characters and doing some writing of our own.  It was wonderful to see so many children dressed up in fabulous costumes. Well done to you all!


Next week we have an author coming into school called Nick Hennessey. We are looking forward to meeting him and hearing some of his stories.


Thank you to those who have offered to help on our trip to The Fire and Rescue Heritage Centre. We had a very high response for helpers. If didn't get selected to help this time there will be other trips or opportunities to help at other points during the year.


Miss Bruffell








I hope you are all looking forward to the half term. The children have been telling me all about their plans for the holidays.


This week we have been learning about Musicals. We have been watching The Wizard Of Oz in class and we have been looking at lots of other musicals. Today, the children enjoyed designing their own posters to advertise a musical.


After half term we will be learning about Australia. We will be locating Australia on a map, learning about the different, animals, weather, people and landmarks.


I hope you all have a fabulous half term. We return back to school at the normal time on Monday 27th February.


Miss Bruffell

This week we have been learning about the Wider World. Our class have been learning about Romania. The children found out lots of interesting things about Romania in their homework.  We had a special visit from Ioana's mum and dad today. They told us about what it is like to live in Romania, the type of food, famous landmarks, famous people and traditional dress. We learnt so much. Thank you very much to Ioana's mum and dad, thechildren had a wonderful time meeting you and talking about Romania.


A big well done to all the children who performed with fabulous, singing, dancing and speaking in our Spanish Assembly yesterday.  I hope you all enjoyed the Spanish Lunch aswell.



Next week we will be moving onto our musicals topic.  We break up for half term on Friday 17th February at 3.15pm. 













Well done to all the children and adults who took part in our 'Wake Up Shake Up' session this morning. It was great to see everyone joining in and having lots of fun. At Sudley we want encourage children to be fit and healthy and understand the importance of this.


This week we have had lots of fun drawing our own self portraits. We have been looking at some of Van Gogh's self portraits too. The children produced some fabulous art work using pencils, pastels and wax crayons.


Next week is Wider World Week.  Our class will be learning about Romania. The homework this week is a research task about Romania, so that the children can learn a bit about it before next week. We also have our Spanish Assembly and lunch on Thursday at 12.30pm.  The children have been working so hard learning their lines, songs and dances. We are all really looking forward to it.


Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Spanish Assembly,


Miss Bruffell

Hello kingfishers,


It has been very cold outside this week so please make sure you zip your coats up and bring hats, scarves and gloves to school. 


This is week we have been learning our lines for the Spanish Assembly. Our assembly is on Thursday 9th February at 12.30pm. There will some delicious Spanish food for lunch and then you will be able to enjoy and watch our assembly. Please return your reply slip and money by Monday 30th January. We are really looking forward to it.


Another date for your diary is Friday 3rd February. There will be a year 1 'Wake Up and Shake Up' in the school hall at 8.50am.  Children will come in through the year 1 door and parents to come in through the school office. We will be doing some fun dance moves to music in the school hall. It would be great to see some of you there, joining in with the children and having fun!


See you all next week,


Miss Bruffell



Hello Kingfishers,


A big well done to you all for taking part in our Gymnastics Competition last week.  The children took part in balancing, jumping and rolling activities.  They also did some lovely art work and writing.  All the children received a certificate and some children even got a medal.  


This week we have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy and the importance of exercise.  The children have been so excited about our 'My Body' topic.  Lots of children have been bringing in books, resources and some children have even been making models at home.  Next week in our art lesson the children will be drawing their own self portraits.  We will also be learning about the importance of washing our hands.


Keep up the hard work Kingfishers!


Miss Bruffell

Happy New Year everyone!


I have really enjoyed hearing about what all the kingfishers got for Christmas and also hearing about the lovely things you have all been doing in the holidays.


We have been doing lots of exciting activities about The Gruffalo story by Julia Donsldson. We have done some lovely art work and drama activities.  It is a story that the children have found very entertaining and they have produced some wonderful work. 


We have also been looking at the seasons in our science lessons. On Monday we went on a winter walk around the playground looking for signs of winter. We discussed the types of weather in winter, the different things we find in winter, the clothes we wear and also about the animals that hibernate during the winter months.


Tomorrow we will be taking part in a Gymnastics Morning. The children will be taking part in a range of gymnastic activities in the hall and also doing some art work and writing in class.  Please make sure all children have their PE kits in school.


Library day is still on a Wednesday. Please remember to hand in phonics books and spellings on a Friday.


Miss Bruffell

Ho! Ho! Ho! 


Well what an exciting week we have had. Well done to all the children on such a wonderful performance in our Christmas Show. There was fabulous dancing, loud speaking, confident acting and beautiful singing. Everyone did so well and it was great to see so many friends and family watching in the audience.  We had our party today and had a wonderful time eating party food, singing and dancing. We also enjoyed wearing our party hats that we made in class.  Tomorrow we have a Christmas show in the morning and then we will be finishing at 1.30pm. 


After Christmas we will be starting our Gruffalo topic.  Library day will still be on a Wednesday. 


Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Don't forget to go onto Bug Club at home. All children have been given new books.







Christmas Party

This week we have had some exciting visitors in school. We had some of Santa's reindeer in our school playground. We were able to feed the reindeer and also learn about them. We asked the elves lots of questions about the reindeer. We had a lovely time. We even had a visit from Santa too.


It is our school Christmas Fair tonight and the Kingfishers have been busy making Christmas bunting. We will be selling our Christmas bunting on one of the stalls.  Today we all wore our Christmas jumpers and brought in cakes for the fair. Thank you to everyone who brought things in. We also had a pantomime in school today, 'The Wizard of Oz'.  We drew some pictures in class and did some writing about it. 


Don't forget to bring in your party money next week.  We will be collecting reading books in on Monday and there will be no spellings next week.


Miss Bruffell




Thank you to everyone who came to our 'Anyone but the parents' morning.  We had a fantastic time doing lots of Christmas themed activities.  The children had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed meeting you all.


This week we have been learning about the polar regions and looking at the different animals that can be found there.  Next week we will be learning about Ernest Shackleton.


Next week is another busy week.  We have Santa's reindeer coming to visit us on Tuesday morning, it is the Christmas Fair on Friday and we also have a show on Friday 'The Wizard of Oz.'  Also on Monday it is individual school photographs.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bruffell

Hello Kingfishers,


We have had a very exciting day.  Today, we spent the whole day learning about and making rockets.  We labelled the different parts of a rocket, watched a rocket launch, did a science experiment, designed and even made our own rockets.  We have been very busy!  Thank you for bringing in items to help us to make our own rocket models.  We had so much fun!


Next week we will be starting our' Polar Regions' Topic and locating them on a globe.  We also have our 'Anybody But The Parents Morning' on Friday.   We are really looking forward to it.


Remember to please learn your lines for the Christmas Show.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bruffell

This week we have been doing measuring in our maths lessons.  We have enjoyed using non-standard units of measurement, using cubes and hand spans.  We measured the length of lots of different objects in our classroom.  We have also been learning how to use a ruler to measure in cm. 


We have also had lots of fun doing some space themed acrostic poems in our English lessons.  


We have watched some video clips this week of what it is like to eat, drink, sleep, wash and work in Space.  It has been very interesting and amazing to watch.


Next Friday we will be designing and making our own rockets in class.  Could you please bring in any empty bottles, tubs, tubes, boxes etc into school so we can use these to help us to construct our own rockets.


Don't forget to learn any lines you may have for the Christmas Show.


Enjoy the weekend,


Miss Bruffell


Hello kingfishers,


Tomorrow it is our trip to IM Marsh, Friday 11th November.  Please remember to bring in your sports clothes.  We will be having our lunch in school as normal.  We are really looking forward to trying some new sports.


This week we had a special assembly, were a representative from the Slow Down for Bobby campaign came in to talk about road safety. The children listened to the story and talked about the dangers when crossing the road. We also discussed safe ways to cross the road in class.


We are still enjoying our space topic and have been learning about Neil Armstrong and his landing on the moon. 


Don't forget to bring your library book in on Wednesdays.


Miss Bruffell

Slow Down For Bobby Assembly

Hello everyone,


Thank you to the parent helpers who helped on our trip to Sudley Field today.  We had a fantastic time helping to plant crocus bulbs.  We also went on an autumn walk and found lots of exciting things.  We did some lovely writing about our trip when we got back o school. 


Don't forget it is our trip to IM Marsh on Friday for a Sports Activity afternoon.  Please remember to bring your sports kit into school to change into.  You will also need a waterproof coat and a water bottle.  We will be having our lunch in school as normal on the day.  


We are really enjoying our new topic about space and have already learnt some interesting things.


Miss Bruffell

Hello Kingfishers,


I can't believe it is the end of our first half term in year 1.  It has been great getting to know you all and you have all settled in so well.


This week is our last week of our Airport topic.  We had lots of fun making and flying our own paper aeroplanes. You can see some of the photos below.  Next half term we will be starting our topic on Space.  We learn about the different planets, the first man on the moon, what it is like living in space and all sorts of other things. We will also be starting to rehearse for our Christmas Show.  


Remember on Thursday 3rd November we are going to Sudley Field to plant crocus bulbs. Please remember to bring a waterproof coat and your wellies to school.  Thank you to the parents who have offered to help on the trip. We are really looking forward to it.


I would also like to thank all the people who have sponsored the children in Kingfishers to do their sponsored obstacle course.  The children had so much fun doing it.  We have raised money for The Liverpool Signing Choir. One of the committee members will be coming to our assembly this Friday.  We are also looking forward to a member of the choir coming into our class after half term to teach us some sign language.  Remember our Charities Assembly is this Friday (21st October) at 2pm. 


Reading books will be going out on Friday and remember to go on bug club and have a look at some new books that have been allocated for you.


Have a great half term,


Miss Bruffell




Well done to all the kingfishers who took part in our sponsored obstacle course today.  We had lots of fun completing the course and cheering each other on. Remember our charities Assembly is on Friday 21st October at 2pm. We will be singing some songs and each class will be presenting the money they have raised to a representative from their charity. Our class are raising money for The Liverpool Signing Choir.


This week it has been Walk To School Week. Lots of us have been making more of an effort to walk to school and get stickers on our bookmarks.  On Monday morning we have an Everybody Active Session on the playground as a celebration at the end of Walk To School Week. I hope to see lots of parents and children joining in.


Next week is our last week of our airport topic. We will be making our own paper aeroplanes and hopefully flying them outside on the playground.


Thank you again to everyone for helping us to raise money for The Liverpool Signing Choir.


Miss Bruffell

Playing on the drums

Still image for this video

Hello kingfishers,


This week we started our airport topic. We have been learning about what you do at an airport and talking about some our own experiences at airports. On Monday we have Mr Greer coming into school to tall us about what it is like to work at an airport.  We will be looking at the history of flight next week and also designing our own hot air balloons.


This week we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes in our maths lessons. We have been doing lots of exciting activities all about shape. You can see photos below that show some of our work on symmetry.


it is getting a lot cooler outside so please remember to bring in your coats to wear at play times.


Miss Bruffell



Well it has been a busy week in Kingfishers. We have been learning about an artist called Arcimboldo.  We did some art work in our sketch books and on ipads in the style of Arcimboldo.  


In PE we have been working on different ways of travelling and moving in different directions.     We have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


In science we have been learning about autumn and looking at the different shaped leaves that we can find.  Some children have been bringing some autumn things in that they have found to show the class.


Next week we will be starting our airport topic. We will be learning about how an airport works and what you do at an airport.


Keep up the fantastic work kingfishers,


Miss Bruffell


Hello Kingfishers,


We have had a busy first couple of weeks in school. I am really enjoying getting to know you all.


Last week we were learning about our class bird.  We did some writing and art work in class about the kingfisher. 


This week we have been learning about a scientist called Louis Pasteur. We have been learning about pasteurisation and how it made milk and other foods safe to eat and drink.  We made banana and strawberry milkshakes in class. We had lots of fun making them and drinking them. Please take a look at our photos.  Next week we will be learning about an artist called 'Arcimboldo'. 


We have library every Wednesday. Please remember to return your book each week.  Next week after school and before school clubs will be starting.


Keep up the great work kingfishers!!


Miss Bruffell



Just a quick message to wish you all a wonderful summer holiday. This year has been full of fun and excitement. You have all worked so hard and it has been a pleasure to teach each and every one of you.  I wish you lots of luck in year 2 and I look forward to seeing you around school next year.  


Also, hello to all of the new Kingfishers. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all in September. We have lots of fun things planned and exciting topics to learn about.  I will inform you in September about PE and library days etc. Don't forget there is a meeting for parents on Thursday 8th September at 2.30pm with myself and Mr Huddleston. 


Have a fabulous summer,


Miss Bruffell