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Lunch Arrangements

Healthy Eating meals are served each day by Absolutely Catering Ltd.  Children are presented with a well balanced meal. All Infant children are entitled to a free meal from September 2014.


You may prefer to send your child with a packed lunch.  If so, we hope you will provide your child with a healthy lunch.  Please avoid sweets and nuts, in case of inadvertent ‘sharing’ - some children have nut/food allergies.  Please give us notice, at least a week, if your child wishes to change their lunch arrangements.  You can include a carton or plastic beaker of drink.  Please make sure that your child is able to drink out of and organise any receptacle you provide - all children have access to water with their meal.


Milk is provided free to children under the age of 5 and to those children entitled to free school meals through the benefits system.  If your child would like to continue to have milk in school after they turn 5, a payment of £5 for the rest of the year will be requested at the beginning of the term in which they turn 5, or as soon as your child no longer becomes entitled to free milk.  This amount is subsidised by school and we recommend that parents take up this option.  If you inform us that you are entitled to free meals through the benefits system and we subsequently discover that you are not, you will have to pay for the milk that has been provided. 


The school also participates in the National School Fruit Scheme whereby all children are offered a piece of fruit/vegetable each morning - there is no charge for this.  You are welcome to send in a portion of fruit or vegetables that your child may wish to eat during morning/afternoon break - dried fruit is acceptable too.