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We are a Year 1 class

Our class teachers are

Mrs Leonard and Mrs Oasgood

Library day is Wednesday

Nightingales Topic dates



Alex from Circusology came into school today and we learned lots of circus skills as you can see from the photos. Alex was very funny on the unicycle.

We went to the World Museum. It was a lovely sunny day! We learned about dinosaurs and how they are a close relative of the bird - a Tyrannosaurus Rex is closer to a secretary bird than it is to a triceratops. We also went on a mission to the ISS with Tim Peake and had to fix one of our solar panels. We had a great time and we were so pleased to see so many of you had already been and were able to show us round lots of the exhibits. 
We had a wonderful afternoon taking part in a lesson set in Victorian times. We had our hands inspected, then we got dressed in our new uniform. We even had to do a spelling test! School did not seem to be very nice in those times and we were glad to be back to our normal classroom afterwards. 

We had a wonderful day on Friday when we had our second whole school Flight Day.  We invited parents in to help us make kits then we went on the playground and flew our kites. It was excellent weather for it!  Thank you to the parents who came in- you are now kite making experts!

We have got an Easter Egg hunt on Tuesday 4th April- We hope that the Easter Bunny is able to join us.

We finish on Friday 7th April for two weeks for the Easter Holiday. We are back in school on Monday 24th April.

Nightingales will continue to study Dinosaurs.  The children are already so knowledgeable about them!

Hello to Nightingales and their families


It has been very cold outside this week so please make sure you zip your coats up and bring hats, scarves and gloves to school. 


This is week we have been learning our lines for the Spanish Assembly. Our assembly is on Monday 6th February at 12.30pm. There will some delicious Spanish food for lunch and then you will be able to enjoy and watch our assembly.We are really looking forward to it.


Another date for your diary is Friday 3rd February. There will be a year 1 'Wake Up and Shake Up' in the school hall at 8.50am.  Children will come in through the year 1 door and parents to come in through the school office. We will be doing some fun dance moves to music in the school hall. It would be great to see some of you there, joining in with the children and having fun!


Best Wishes


Mrs Leonard and Mrs Oasgood

Gymnastics Day

We made models of gymnastic equipment with different materials.

Welcome to 2017


Welcome back to school after the Christmas break.  We have lots of exciting things planned for the next half term.  This week we will be having a Gymnastics Tournament in the hall and doing lots of gymnastic related activities in the classroom including making models of equipment, writing about gymnastics and learning about famous gymnasts.


We are currently learning about Australia and some children have brought in artefacts and souvenirs from Australia.  We have been learning about the geography, the native people and animals and also how to speak the lingo. 'G'day, Mate!'


Anyone but the Parents!

It was lovely to have visitors to our class on Friday morning to join in activities and see our classroom.  As you can see we did lots of Christmas activities and we all had a wonderful times.

Flight Day 1

We had a very interesting time learning about different aspects of flight.  We made junk model rockets, designed our own aircraft and make some fantastic rocket collages.  The children enjoyed finding out facts for themselves from books and were able to tell us about lots of interesting things. 

ICE Cats


Jo Carter from ICE Cats came into school and showed us how we can stay safe in an emergency. We learned how to lie flat on the floor, crouch down then form a train to move about the room safely.

ICE Cats

Sports activity visit to I.M. Marsh Campus

We had a great afternoon last week doing different sports at I.M. Marsh campus.  We played lots of games and as you can see in the photos the big Kin ball was very popular. Well done to everyone for being sensible on the walk there and back and for listening well to the instructors. Thank you to the parents who walked with us.

Fun at IM Marsh

Nightingales wrote a fireworks poem this week.

Last week we started to learn about Space! What an exciting topic. It was amazing to find out how much the children already knew about the planets.

Next week we will be doing more activities for our charity Brake! -the road safety charity. Remember to bring in your sponsor money so that we can present the check at the assembly on Friday 21st October at 2pm in the hall. Parents and family members are all welcome. The children did really well on their sponsored road safety walk and learned more about keeping safe on our roads.

We finish school on Friday for one week returning on Monday 31st October when the nights will be drawing in. Let's hope that the children use their knowledge of road safety during the holidays and if they are out walking when it is getting dark.


Mrs Leonard & Mrs Oasgood


Sponsored Walk for Brake

Learning about an airport

Our first topic was learning about our class bird, the Nightingale.  We learned some very interesting facts and made our own collages of a nightingale.

We watched a judo demonstration in the hall that was very exciting.

We are all settling in nicely into Year One and finding our way about the classroom, new toilets and cloakroom.


Welcome to the children and parents of Nightingales class


School starts at 8.50am on Monday 5th September.

A reminder for parents- there is a 'Meet the Teacher' session on Tuesday 6th September at 2.30pm. You can find out what goes on in Year 1 as well as meeting the new class teachers, Mrs Leonard and Mrs Oasgood.


Children remember to bring in your PE kits- our first lesson is on Tuesday this week.  Please bring in your book bag every day and make sure your name is on all your belongings.


Spellings will be given out on Mondays - please practise at home and return your spelling books on Fridays.


Our first topic is about our class bird- The Nightingale- then we will be learning about Airports and air travel.


We look forward to sharing an exciting new year in school with you.


Mrs Leonard and Mrs Oasgood