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Safeguarding in Sudley Infant School

Did you know that we have the following, and more, systems in place to help keep your child safe in school?  This may be new information for some parents but it is also a reminder for all parents.  It is not an exhaustive list and our procedures are under constant review.

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection policies are in place
  • All staff have enhanced DBS checks and we have safe recruitment procedures
  • We have high levels of Safeguarding training for all staff
  • We successfully complete an annual Safeguarding Audit for the local Authority
  • We have a secure Reception Office with visitor checks and signing in/out systems in place
  • CCTV is in place at specific points in and around the school
  • Volunteers sign a CP screening document and are closely supervised
  • Staff attend the doors when the children enter and exit the building
  • Secure fencing and security gates in place
  • Buddy system for Reception children
  • All staff on duty at playtime and lunchtime wear high visibility jackets
  • Anyone standing by the railing or watching children from cars are challenged
  • We have above average ratio of well trained lunchtime staff to pupils
  • External doors are locked during lesson time
  • Staff complete detailed risk assessments before any off site visit
  • All staff have first aid training and some have specialist paediatric certificates
  • Stickers for children who hurt themselves, notes to parents about injury and parents contacted if necessary.
  • Regular H&S checks and risk assessments of premises and procedures
  • We have regular fire practices and emergency back into school drills as well as emergency actions in the event of a lockdown (ICE Cats)
  • Children carry personal alarms and go in pairs when on messages around the school
  • All classes have  ‘Something is worrying me’ boxes
  • Class and school rules are in place with rewards and sanctions
  • Serious incidents of bad behaviour are dealt with by the Senior Leadership Team and parents are informed.
  • We review our procedures annually- taking into account parents’ views
  • We have detailed home time procedures including photographs and passwords
  • We display ‘Safe School’ signs around the school
  • We teach safety issues throughout the curriculum, including Online safety
  • We have dedicated PSHE?PSED and circle Time sessions
  • Children are taught to use equipment safely- scissors, PE equipment
  • We have Safeguarding assemblies and visiting speakers eg Community police, Slow down for Bobby
  • We have safeguarding displays, posters, leaflets, books and other resources
  • We have a dedicated Safeguarding Week each year

Thank you, J Leonard & S O’Rourke Safeguarding Coordinators