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Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan promotes active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to school. 


The objectives of our School Travel Plan are to:

  • Improve health through encouraging active travel to school.
  • Improve the environment through reducing congestion and pollution.
  • Improve facilities for walkers, cyclists and scooters.
  • Improve road safety education.


Keep a look out on this page for any updates and news about our School Travel Plan.


The next Travel Plan Meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th November at 2pm.  Please inform your child's class teacher or the school office if you are able to attend.


Thank you



Well done to all the children in Year 2 who designed a poster to promote our one-way system for vehicles around the school.  The children created some wonderful designs.  Congratulations to our winner Kitty Smith from Finches.  Kitty's design has been made into a banner and will be displayed on the school gates. 
Picture 1
Our next Travel Plan Meeting will be held on Friday 16th June at 2pm.  Please let your child's class teacher or the school office know if you can attend.

Well done to Nicole Ni in Blackbirds class who won our Year 1 WOW Competition.  Nicole designed a fabulous poster to encourage children and parents to walk to school at least once a week.  Nicole's poster design was put onto flyers and given out to parents and children on their way into school,  Thank you to the Travel Plan Team for helping to give out the flyers.





WOW Competition Winner!

WOW Competition Winner! 1

Our next Travel Plan meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th February at 2pm.  Please let your child's class teacher or the school office know if you can attend.

Slow Down For Bobby Assembly

Today we had a representative from the Bobby Colleran charity, who came into school talk to all the children about road safety.  The children enjoyed listening to the story of SUPERBOB and learning the different rules about how to stay safe on the road.  The children were very excited to see the SUPERBOB puppet and also the large cardboard cut out. It was a lovely assembly and also very informative for the children, raising awareness of the dangers when crossing the road. Each class now has their own copy of the book and have been talking about road safety in class. 


Slow Down For Bobby Assembly

Next Travel Plan Meeting


Our next Travel Plan meeting is on Wednesday 9th November at 2pm. Please let us know via the school office or your child's teacher if you are able to come along.

Walk To School Week


Walk to School Week is a national campaign held every October and May.  During this week we encourage as many parents and pupils to walk to school each day.


We started our Walk to School Week on Monday 10th October.  The children were each given their own Walk to School bookmark.  For each day that they walked to school during  this week, they received a Walk to School sticker to put on their bookmark.  Each class added up how many children had walked on each day.  At the end of the week all of the results were collected from each class.  As a celebration the following week, we held a whole school 'Everybody Active Session'.  The children and parents joined in with some fun dance moves on the playground.  We also gave out the 'Golden Shoe Award' to the class who had the most walkers. Congratulations to the Robins class, who achieved the most walkers during that week.


WOW Campaign


Our year 2 children took part in a poster competition during our Walk to School Week.  The aim of the poster was to encourage parents and children to Walk to school at least Once a Week.  The children completed their designs in class and they were then judged by our School Council. Congratulations to our winner Seb Brown on his wonderful design.  Seb's design was copied onto flyers and handed out at the school gate.


Thank you to the members of our Travel Plan Team and children who helped to give out flyers and help to promote Walking to School.

Winning Poster Design

Winning Poster Design 1

Let's make walking to school fun!


Have a look at some of the website links below, to give you some ideas of games you could play.

Fun Games For Walking To School