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The school colours below are part of a dress code which we ask parents to observe.  We also ask parents to ensure that children do not attend with hairstyles/cuts that are extreme/ inappropriate for school eg closely shaven heads and fancy hair accessories etc.


School Uniform – gender neutral



We have a simple school uniform. It consists of a red jumper/cardigan with the school logo, white polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt/ pinafore.

We ask for sensible black shoes – no trainers! In summer a red and white dress can be worn - any pattern is fine. Knee length grey shorts /culottes are fine too.

All the above are acceptable for boys and girls.


To buy from the school office - Caps (£4.00), Water bottles (£1.50)
Children will need a book bag (£5.00) to bring their books to and from school.
Children will also need a PE bag (£3.50) to carry their PE kit.


All children undress for P.E. and will need the following kit

in their PE bags ready for lessons.

Indoor kit - pumps, white tee shirt and navy shorts.

Outdoor kit – school tracksuit should be worn, available from Trutex


Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name.



*   White polo shirts with red school logo are available from Trutex Schoolwear

*   Other red cardigans or jumpers are NOT acceptable.  This decision was ratified by the Governing Body.

*   PE bags, book bags, red caps and water bottles are also available from school.

*   No trainers or boots (although boots can be brought in for use on the playground).  Please send your child into school with sensible shoes they can fasten themselves, eg if he/she cannot tie up laces do not send your child in with lace-up shoes. 

*   Please mark your child's name clearly on all clothing.

*   Lost property is kept in the school office.

All uniform is available from

Trutex Schoolwear & More, 298 St Mary’s Road,

Liverpool L19 0NQ   Tel: 0151 345 3797