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We are a Reception class

Our teachers are

Mrs O'Rourke and Mrs Doyle

We have library every Thursday so remember to put your library book in your book bag on a Wednesday evening. We have P.E. on a Monday and a Friday.

We have enjoyed our 'Fun Sports Day' today and the weather was kind. We had lots of fun and took part in many different activities. Thanks to all the adults who took part as well. 


We have been making 'Squashies' for our Enterprise adventure. We decorated them with different faces and sold them for 50p. They are now all sold out! We have learnt about the value of money and how we can make money - a useful skill to have!


We have been learning about Greece this week. We have listened to a story in Greek, watched a dancer, listened to a musician and tasted Greek food! I think we will all want to visit Greece on our holidays!

What a busy week! We had a great time doing the penalty shoot out and we all scored lots of goals. We had a tortoise come and visit on Friday and we asked lots of questions. His name was Jim and he is nearly 60 years old! Alex did an assembly and showed us lots of circus tricks. We all enjoyed it.
We all had a wonderful time making animal puppets this week. We had to listen very hard to the instructions. Everyone was different and unique. Well done Woodpeckers!

What a wonderful trip we had at Chester Zoo. It was lovely weather and all the children were very well behaved. We saw lots of animals including camels, penguins, butterflies, elephants, monkeys and a lion! Thank you to all the parents who helped us on this trip.

Enjoy the 2 weeks off and we will see you all for your last half term as Woodpeckers!

We all had a great time visiting the church on Monday. We learned all about the special clothes that are worn and the different parts of the church. We were all very sensible walking there and back!


Our caterpillars are now all hanging in their cocoons! We can't wait to see them turn into butterflies! Hopefully it won't be much longer!


This week we have been looking at how plants grow and we have all planted cress seeds. We are observing how they grow. Jack, from the story 'Jack and the beanstalk' sent us some magic beans through the post! We are doing an experiment to see what the beans need to grow the best!

Welcome back after Easter! We hope you all had a great break. We can't believe that the children only have a term left in Reception! Where has the time gone!


This week we had 5 visitors to our classroom! We have 5 little caterpillars! We are looking closely at them growing and changing and hopefully turning into butterflies! We have also been to visit the school pond and saw some tadpoles. We are looking forward to watching them grow also!


Well done to all who made gardens. They were all fantastic and you have all worked very hard on them.

We have enjoyed hearing all your jokes on the stage. Thank you all so much for your kind donations. The children have all looked at electricity and have made their own circuit to light up the bulb! We have worked hard with subtraction and using a numberline to help us. The children have looked at countries and physical features of our wonderful world!
This week we have celebrated World Book Day. The children looked amazing all dressed up as Roald Dahl characters. We heard some of the BFG. It sounds like a great book! We have also been busy weighing and measuring different objects. Check out our photos.

We worked hard making our valentines cards. We hope you all liked them! Our healthy living topic has been lots of fun. We have used vegetables and fruit to create paintings. We all enjoyed tasting lots of fruit, like in the story of 'Handa's surprise'. The Book People bus was a great success and we were all very excited about going on the red bus!


Have a lovely week off school and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return!

This week began with making toast! It was very tasty and we are all experts at it now! The Fairtrade bananas were tasty! We know all about Fairtrade and how it helps the farmers to buy food, medicine and clothes for their families. We have been learning all about Spain and singing lots of Spanish songs. We know lots of facts about Spain now! We have also been learning the correct way to wash our hands. Hopefully you will see how well we can do this at home!



This week we have done lots of exciting things. On Monday and Tuesday we had parents coming in to do some multi sports with us. We all had great fun! We have been continuing with addition and done many practical activities to help develop our understanding.


Thank you to everyone who has brought in a family album. The children and staff have enjoyed looking at them all and sharing them with other children. You have all worked so hard.



Next week we are learning about Spain and are looking forward to our Spanish lunch on Friday 10th February. See you there!

Week beginning 16th January 17

This week we have been looking at the story of the 'Three Little pigs'. We enjoyed making wanted posters for the wolf, using and making puppets and hearing an alternative story in which the wolf is a friendly wolf! We also carried out lots of activities using ordinal numbers, first, second etc.


On Monday 23rd all Reception children can bring in a toy to show and play with for our topic of favourite toys.

This week we have been looking at houses. Luckily we managed to miss the rain on Monday and were able to have a look at the buildings around school. We discussed the materials that the buildings were made of. We have discussed how houses can be different all over the world, and how weather can play a big part to how people build their homes! We have all been painting houses, making junk model houses and lots of other activities.


Week beginning 4th January

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great Christmas and we are glad you are all back safely. We have turned our role play area into a toy shop so we have been busy buying lots of toys! We had a session if massage which was great fun, and we were all very quiet! This week we have been writing about what we got for Christmas or what we did during the holidays. We were very lucky to have a pantomime on Friday. It was great fun!


On Monday 9th January we are going for a walk around school looking at different buildings and what they are made out of. Remember to bring a waterproof coat that is warm! Hopefully the weather will be kind to us!

We had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday. We had lots of lovely food and a special visit from Santa. We must of been very good as we all got a present. Have a look at our party photographs below. Today we were entertained by Mike Armatt. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We return to school on Wednesday 4 January. 

Christmas dinner

Woodpeckers you were all brilliant in our Christmas show! We are all so proud of you! We have had a busy week with our show, Christmas dinner and watching Year 1 and 2 do their show. Christmas dinner was very tasty! Have a look at our photographs. 

Father Christmas with his reindeer

Father Christmas came to visit today and he brought some reindeer. We were all so excited to see him and his reindeer. We know lots of facts about reindeer !


Our classroom has been decorated for Christmas. We have 2 trees, both with lights on. We also have a Christmas Grotto where we can go and play inside. It's great fun!


We have had fun learning all about money and have played games on the Smart board, done coin rubbings and played shop!


We are looking forward to Friday when we can bring someone into class to visit!


We have made reindeer hot chocolate to sell at the Christmas Fair! We will be selling this for £1 a reindeer. There will be lots of other things for sale!

This week we have all been busy making junk model boats. Well done everyone for all your individual ideas. They all looked great! We have been reading 'Olly the octopus' in class and have been looking at sentences and guessing the missing words! 


For Science we have been predicting what objects will float and sink, and then observed what they did. It was great fun especially when the water splashed all over Mrs Doyle and Ms Riding!


On Friday we have all  been learning about rockets and taking part in many different activities! Check out all our photos! (to follow shortly!)

It was lovely to see you all after the half term. We have enjoyed hearing all about your adventures during the week off! This week we have been learning about bonfire night and how to stay safe around fireworks and sparklers. We took part in lots of firework activities, including dancing with scarves to Katie Perry's song 'Firework!' We are continuing our topic of underwater. We know some amazing facts about sea creatures and can name different creatures that live in the water.



A falcon

A falcon 1

Pumpkin activities and more!

This week we have been looking at pumpkins and learning facts about them! We helped to remove the seeds from the pumpkin and enjoyed playing with them. They were very slippery! Our pumpkin then changed into 'Pumpkin Pete!' We were very excited to see him light up with eyes, a nose and a mouth! We also had chance to make a magic potion by mixing different colours using pipettes! We didn't manage to change anyone into a frog though! We have finished our wonderful webs with our very own friendly spider on them! 


Thank you so much for all your generous donations to our charity. We have raised so much money. Well done everyone!


Friday morning we are having a visitor in to show us lots of animals! We are all very excited to see what animals she brings in!


Have a wonderful week off and we will see you all on Monday 31st October.


The Woodpeckers have had fun looking outside finding shapes on our shape hunt. They managed to find lots of different shapes. 

After reading lots of Mick Inkpen stories, we celebrated Kipper's birthday by turning our classroom into a party! The children made cakes out of plasticine and wrote birthday cards.

On Friday children could bring in a toy to play with £1. This money is being given to our charity 'Northern Lights'. Can you please bring in all sponsor money by Monday 17th November.


They children are all doing well changing into their PE kits for PE. Well done Woodpeckers!

Sponsored tower building has been completed! Well done Woodpeckers! Please bring in your sponsor money to school. Thanks

Mrs Brown came into school to talk about bugs! We all had a great time looking at different bugs and leaves that show where a bug has been! At the end of the day on Friday all the Woodpeckers / ladybirds flew back home!

Our topic this week has been all about Bugs! We have looked at different bugs and have learnt lots of new facts! We went outside and made a large spider web! We have also been looking at different shapes and taking part in lots of shape activities. We enjoy dancing in our 'dough disco!'. This is when we all have a ball of dough and we do lots of finger exercises which help our fine motor skills......all to music!


We have all enjoyed going to library on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their library book on a Thursday so that they can choose another. If you forget please bring it in the next day.

Bugs & Shapes!

Bugs & Shapes! 1
Bugs & Shapes! 2
Bugs & Shapes! 3
Bugs & Shapes! 4
Bugs & Shapes! 5
Bugs & Shapes! 6
Bugs & Shapes! 7
Bugs & Shapes! 8
Bugs & Shapes! 9
Bugs & Shapes! 10
Bugs & Shapes! 11
Bugs & Shapes! 12
Bugs & Shapes! 13
Bugs & Shapes! 14
Bugs & Shapes! 15
Bugs & Shapes! 16
Bugs & Shapes! 17
Bugs & Shapes! 18

This week we have been looking at all the leaves you have collected. Thank you Woodpeckers for bringing them in. We are all getting very good at getting dressed for PE now and are all having a good try at dressing ourselves. 

On Friday we had a music session in the hall. It was great fun and we all had a bang on the drums. 

We look forward to seeing some of you at the disco tonight.

Homework has been given out tonight. Please return on either Monday or Tuesday. All homework is to be completed with a pencil. 

Many thanks again for all your support.

We have had another super week in school. We all got changed for PE! Well done Woodpeckers. We have painted our faces and have got a wonderful display of our class in our classroom.

There is a Reception disco next Friday so remember to buy tickets if you want to come. We are also raising money for the 'Northern Lights' charity who help send children with medical needs to Lapland to see Father Christmas! Please help by getting as many sponsors as you can.


Reading books are to be kept in book bags and brought to school every day. Happy reading!

We have had lots of fun in school and all did so well with our first full week. There were lots of children coming in with smiles! Have a look at our photos.

Our first week

Woodpeckers are enjoying their first full week at school. We have visited the hall and looked at all of the PE equipment. We know that we need to listen carefully in PE to keep safe and we played a game of traffic lights. We are enjoying our school lunches and being very sensible carrying our trays. Have a look at our photos. 

Lunchtime and a visit to the hall.

We have had a fantastic first day at school. We have been outside on the outdoor learning area and played with our new friends. We enjoyed our first lunchtime and we were so sensible lining up and carrying our trays. Have a look at our photos below. 

We look  forward to seeing you all this Friday for your first full day at school! We want you to come in with a lovely smile!


Mrs Doyle, Mrs O'Rourke & Miss Riding